2012 TRGA Las Vegas Classic October 19 - 21

A True Open Event of the Classic Tradition


Golf Played Properly -

Steel shafts and persimmon woods are integral to the fundamental fabric of playing proper golf. The TRADITIONAL GOLF RULES of equipment understand the importance of equipment matching golf course architecture. Traditions are respected when players of all abilities perform on golf courses as they were originally intended. TRADITIONAL GOLF RULES encourage a swift pace of play, beautiful simplicity, and a sense of fairness that is consistent with excellent sportsmanship. The rules of golf work best when routed in these original ideals. Find out why more and more golfers worldwide are playing by the Traditional Rules of Golf.
Las Vegas Open 2011


1.Play the Ball as it Lies
2. Universal Drop Procedure for lost ball, OB, unplayable. Simplifies and speeds up play. (Leith Code 1754, 1775 Mod) Diagrams
3. Relief only from sprinkler heads, drain covers, cart paths (ball only, not stance)
4. Players may use up to (11) irons, (4) woods and one putter -total 16 clubs.
5. Players may fix ball marks and repair spike marks.
6. Players may putt with the pin in. Pin either in or out, no attending the pin.
7. Players may share advice but are not required to do so.
8. Persimmon and blade style irons only. No wedges over 56 degrees, no long putters, V grooves only in irons.
9. Steel spikes are conforming.
10. Contested rulings are handled after the round by the designated ruling official or TRGA office.